« Climate Agreement on Food and Farming presented at COP27 Egypt»

Published on 26-10-2022

From 6-18th November, the next UN Climate Conference (COP27) will take place in Egypte, ten thousands of people will discuss new climate policies needed to keep the world safe from catastrophic climate change. Monday 7th November the High Level Heads of States will gather, and at 13.30-14h, a COP27 facilitated Press Conference will be given about the launch of a new COP27 Climate Agreement on Food and Farming. From this moment, this Agreement can be endorsed to reduce greenhouse gasses from food systems with 30% by 2030 compared to 2020 levels. 

Signing moments

Jeroom Remmers, founder of this Climate Agreement and director of a foundation TAPP Coalition, will introduce this new Climate Agreement during the Press Conference 7th November 13:30-14.00h EET (starting 12.30 CET) in Press Conference Room Luxor.

Watch live at https://unfccc.int/event/tapp-coalition-launch-of-cop27-climate-agreement-for-food-and-farming

He will share his expectations and tell about commitments already made by the EU Commission, China, New Zealand and other EU countries to reduce emissions from agriculture and food consumption. Countries, regional bodies and (food/retail) companies who like to sign the Agreement are invited to join the Press conference and answer media questions. 

Another opportunity to do so is a COP27 Side Event 11th November 15-16.30h EET (starting 14h CET) in Room 9 (Tutankhamun), titled: "Food System Climate Solutions: Managing climate risks and externalities from the food system". For more info click here. Topic of the event: Global food systems make up a third of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as being a key driver of nature loss. This panel highlights ways the public and private sector can address these risks, including true cost accounting, sustainable food pledges and pricing, and Good Food Finance interventions.
Speakers: Danielle Nierenberg—Food Tank; Zitouni Ould-Dada—FAO; Helena Wright—JCF; Jeroom Remmers—TAPP; Roy Steiner—Rockefeller Foundation; Jeremy Coller; Rebeca Grynspan—UNCTAD; Gunhild Stordalen—EAT; Diane Holdorf—WBCSD; Ertharin Cousin—FSF. See info below in attachment. 

Register to attend in person HERE. Live stream HERE.  

TAPP Coalition will also give two other Press conferences in the same room, 12th November 13.30-14:00h EET (starting 12.30 CET) about 'Meat/dairy taxes in high income countries can reduce 40% food related GHG-emissions' and 17th November 9.30-10:00 h CET about: 'Biodiversity Day: Livestock causes 60-80% of biodiversity loss and 80% of food related GHG-emissions'. Here, the COP27 Climate Agreement on Food and Farming is introduced too, with more focus on policy solutions to reduce GHG-emissions and biodiversity loss from food systems.

The press conference will take place at Press conference 2, Taba Area, Room Luxor. Live also visible.

Attachment: COP27 Side event 11th November program: 

Valuing Food and Agriculture Systems: True Cost Accounting and Carbon Pricing food as a Roadmap to Meaningful Climate Solutions

3:05 EET (2.05 h CET). First Panel Discussion.

1. Zitouni Ould-Dada, Deputy Director, U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

2. Jeroom Remmers, Director, TAPP Coalition

3. Roy Steiner, Senior Vice President, Food Initiative, The Rockefeller Foundation

4. Helena Wright, Policy Director, Jeremy Coller Foundation

5. Mark Gough, CEO, Capitals Coalition

Moderated by Danielle Nierenberg, President, Food Tank 

The Way Forward: A Climate-Friendly Future of Food

3:45PM. Second Panel Discussion.

1. Jeremy Coller, Chairman, Coller Capital

2. Gunhild Stordalen, Founder and Executive Chair, EAT Forum

3. Ertharin Cousin, Founder and CEO, Food Systems for the Future

4. Diane Holdorf, Executive Vice President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Moderated by Danielle Nierenberg, President, Food Tank

Other COP27 facilitated press conferences given by Jeroom Remmers: 

12th November 2022,, 13.30-14h EET (starting 12.30 h CET): 'Meat/dairy taxes in High Income Countries can reduce 40% of food related GHG-emissions. Press conference 2, Taba Area, Room Luxor. Live also visible.

17th November 2022, 9.30-10 h EET (starting 8.30 CET): Livestock causes 60-80% of biodiversity loss and 80% of food related GHG-emissions.

Press conference 2, Taba Area, Room Luxor. Live also visible.